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Portable Multipurpose Drying Rack

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Product description
Product description

Drying your clothes has been made easier with the help of the dryer but it can be a luxury sometimes and would cost you a lot on your electric bill!

This Portable Multipurpose Drying Rack effectively lowers your energy bill by reducing your clothes dryer use by drying your clothes naturally. When you only have a minimum amount of clothes to dry, no need to use the dryer, just use this drying rack instead. Just install on any surface and you’re good to go. 

It provides easy and fast drying for your clothes and simply prevents them from getting wrinkled or crumpled. Made of sturdy material and with a conveniently functional design

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HIGH-QUALITY - Made of sturdy material and with a conveniently functional design.

SPACE SAVER - Great for those living in an apartment, dorm, camper or even a small area room. So, the need for minimalist living is called for.

EASY TO INSTALL - Comes with 5 holes for easy placement of hangers. Equally separated for fair distribution of air. Adjustable and can be easily installed 

WIDE RANGE OF USE - Can be installed in the bathroom, window, and any side cabinet.