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Kids Toddlers Shower Visor

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Product description
Product description

Make your babies' bath time more pleasurable for you and for baby! No need to close washing hair with this new Kids Toddlers Shower Visor.

We all know that the "no tears" shampoo never really means NO tears. This cute shower visor is adjustable and helps keep out that pesky soap! Choose from 3 different characters! This baby shower cap can protect children's eyes, ears, and look from water, soap, and shampoo. Your kid would enjoy bathing with it.

The shower visor consists of a soft air filled sealing tube, a flexible brim and a springy headband embedded inside the lower portion of the brim. The air-filled sealing tube acts like a semi-filled inner tire providing a comfortable air cushion between the wearer's head and the headband. Moreover, it utilizes the air inside the sealing tube to distribute the gentle pressure evenly along the wearer's hairline to achieve a consistent sealing effect.

With the shower visor in your bathroom, you and your babies will be relaxed with a fresh experience of "simple wear. Gentle care."


100% SAFELY MADE -  All the external parts of the visor are made of silicone rubber as used in many other baby products, so it is safe, durable and comfortable.

KID-FRIENDLY DESIGN - Froggy / Piggy Shower CapUltra-Cute cartoon style can attract kid's attention, making more fun for the baby's bath time. This shower hat makes a perfect shield around the head to prevent leakage.

ADJUSTABILITY - Adjustable size: 40-55cm, fit age: 0-6 year’s kids to use.

MULTIFUNCTION -  It can protect the kid's eyes and ears from water during the bath. It can also serve a haircut and sunlight hat for protection.