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Easy Dry & Clean - Multipurpose Towel Set

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Product description
Product description

Are you still washing dishes with detergent? The residue of detergent can damage your health! Easy Dry & Clean - Multipurpose Towel can easily remove oil without detergent which can protect you and your family from the damage it can cause. Our multipurpose towel is made of wood fiber that is smooth and forms a hydrophilic film after water contact.

This towel features a lotus leaf effect that gives the oil a difficult time to penetrate into the fiber interior and which naturally separates from the oil stain after water contact, thereby making the oil stain cleaning becomes a breeze. Now you can clean oil stains in the easiest way

  • multi-purpose - suitable for washing dishes, table cleaning, stoves, ceramic tiles, bowls, etc.
  • easy stain removal - the oil stain in the towel can be removed by rinsing with water
  • detergent-free - these lightweight dish towels can remove the oil with no detergent needed
  • safe - our towels are made from natural materials and are free from harmful chemicals which makes them safe for you and your family
  • with a unique anti-bacterial property
  • perfect for long term use
  • odorless and easy to clean
  • high resistance to wear and durable

Size: 25 cm x 25 cm
: fiber
Package includes
: 2 multipurpose towels / 4 multipurpose towels