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Disposable Mini Soap Paper

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Product description
Product description

Keep your hands clean whenever and wherever you go! 

When you simply can't bring along a bar of soap every time you're heading out, you can still bring along a box of Disposable Paper Soap Sheets to keep you sanitized.

Spending time outside makes everyone a target for bacterial infection. These soap sheets encourage you to wash your hands when you get the chance while strolling out or traveling.

This will surely be convenient for you and your family especially in times like these that we face a seriously infectious virus. We should keep our hands from getting dirty and germs-free all the time!


  • Disposable Mini Soap Paper (50Pcs)

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EASY TO USE -  Simply place soap sheets in the palm of your hand, add warm water, lather, and wash! Making it convenient and affordable for daily use.

PALM SIZED -  Each soap sheet holds enough soap for both hands so you can take enough time to wash them. 

DISPOSABLE - One-time use only so make sure you throw them away into a trash bin after using. 

COMPACT AND PORTABLE - The sheets come in a durable plastic box that makes them easy to bring along to school, to work, while running errands, when using a public restroom, when eating out, camping, hiking, for children after using the playground and more.