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Bed Sheet Clips (12pcs)

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Product description
Product description

Always bothered by the messy bedsheets when sleeping at night or when you wake up in the morning? 

Sleep-snugs keep sheets in place and tight on the bed. Now, these Bed Sheet Clips here will keep your bed sheet even blankets in place, neat and tidy all the time with these clips, giving you a wrinkle-free bed, always pleasing to the sight. They lock together the bedsheet clip and mattress. Once they are on, the coverlet will not get off easily.

They're made of high-quality material, durable enough and with great elasticity which works with all kinds of bed sheets. Choose the color you love and say goodbye to messy bedsheets! 

PERFECTLY TIGHT, WRINKLE-FREE SHEETS - No need to lift up the mattress to change the sheets clips, only card into the mattress from either side gap, sideways sliding into force. That's it!

TIGHTEST HOLD MATTRESS - Bedsheet fasteners keep the sheets in place, no more having to re-fit the sheet in the middle of the night or in the morning.

HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL - Hard plastic, non-bendable, can secure the bedsheets better, keep your bed looking great at all times.

PERFECT FOR ALL BEDS - Easy to use, and excellent to the clip bed sheet, satin sheet, mattress covers, blankets, etc.

MULTI-FUNCTIONAL - You can also use them to seal snacks.