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Backup Travel Bag

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Product description
Product description

Have your mind at ease when your out traveling and shopping, knowing you always have a backup plan for extra storage.

  • Very convenient to bring in a folded state
  • Great storage capacity when unfolded (See dimensions below)
  • Compactly attaches to the pulling bar of a rolling bag
  • Easily accessible pockets with good organization potential

Large Zipper Pocket:

Internal Mini Pocket:

Open Back Pocket:

Save yourself the trouble from these common travel issues:
- Trying to estimate the space you need to reserve for the homecoming trip.
- Second guessing if you have enough space when you're out shopping.
- The horrible surprise of not having enough luggage space right before you're about to leave.

  • Waterproof
  • Ultra lightweight
  • Longlasting & Durable material