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(6 Packs 60 Wipes) 75% Alcohol Cleaning Wet Wipes

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Product description
Product description


Alcohol content: 75% 

Effective: Kill 99.99% of Germs 

Quantity :60 Pcs 

Material (composition): spunlace non-woven fabric, RO pure water, plant essence 

Gentle and non-irritating, does not hurt the skin 

Product features: 

1. Natural degradable materials, safe and non-irritating 

2. Does not contain fluorescent agents and preservatives 

3. Good sterilization effect, easy to carry 

4. Can be used to disinfect skin, around wounds, and before injection 

5. For cleaning and disinfection of keyboards, mobile phones, office supplies, carry-on items, tableware, children's toys, etc. 

6. Emergency disinfection of small wounds such as outdoor tourism, camping, swimming, etc. 

Use with caution to people who are allergic to alcohol.