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2nd Generation Anti-fog Car Mirror Film (2 pcs set)

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Product description
Product description

Shield and protect your rear-view side mirrors from unwanted scratches, smears, dust, and dirt, so as to keep your rear-view mirror clear at all times! 2nd Generation Anti-fog Car Mirror Film is designed with anti-glare film and nano-coating to protect your driving in a rainy or foggy day. The PET+nano coating protective film with high transmittance effectively blocks grease, water layer, and fog.

The anti-fog film can effectively protect your driving sight line on a rainy day and clarify the view area for averting possible danger due to fogged mirrors. Our mirror film is suitable for all automobile and vehicle models for SUV, trucks, trailer, motorcycles, and etc. Be safe during rainy or foggy days and start using our anti-fog film! 

  • anti-fog film - it has waterproof and anti-fog effects and works well and protects your driving sight on a rainy day
  • micro-nano coating - it can effectively block grease, water layer, fog, and has anti-reflective, anti-glare, and anti-dust feature that keeps the mirror surface clear
  • easy to install - spray a little water on the mirror, attach the protective film to the mirror then flatten it with a small scratch card to complete in two minutes
  • widely used - universally designed rear-view mirror protective film for SUVs, trucks, trailers, etc
  • fit for all standard size rear-view mirrors
  • keeps the mirrors clean and visible at all times
  • perfect protection - the nano-film shields and protects the mirrors from unnecessary scratches, dirt, dust, and dirt

Material: nano-coating
Size:10 cm x 15 cm
Package includes: 2 pcs mirror film